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balcavEarnestness and initiative rendered ARCOCAVI a reliable productive reality.
Operative on the market from several years, the Company studies and produces cables for special applications.
The large experience acquired allowed to the Society to be present in many markets, in Italy and abroad, particularly in the most competitive and exigeant countries which concerns the technical specifications.
These characteristics are the result of a team work and of a strong professional engagement, and have brought to a rapid increase in the last ten years.
The large changement occurred in the cable sector has produced a growing demand for integrated solutions.
In the viewpoint of the amelioration, ARCOCAVI decided to assign about the 10% of the turnover to the renewal of the machinery and equipment for increasing production quality.

A Certificate of Conformity issued by DET NORSKE VERITAS, stating that the Quality System of ARCOCAVI fully complies with the UNI EN 9001 European Standards for Quality Assurance, has been renewed in May 2005 with Ref. Number CERT – 01740-97-AQ-MIL-SINCERT.

In year 1997 ARCOCAVI obtained the certification for cables according the SEV (Swiss) Standards.
In december 1998 ARCOCAVI obtained the recognition and certification of different cable ” Styles ” according the American UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) Standards.
In July 1999 ARCOCAVI obtained the certifications according the CSA (Canadian) Standards of the cable types which obtained the Certifications according the UL Standards.
In year 2000 ARCOCAVI obtained the Certification IMQ (and subsequently the HAR mark ) for the oil resistant cables types H05VV5 – F (unshielded) and H05VVC4V5 – K ( shielded ).
All produced cables are marked CE.
ARCOCAVI represents a solid reference point and a reliable company for those who use or will use in the future its products and services.


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