Product Applications

Connection for encoders

Conveyor Belts

Connection for measuring systems

Production and Assembly lines

Bus systems and serial interconnections

Machine and industrial tools

Festoon laying (lifts, hoists, tackles)

Product Applications

Automation technology

Office Machinery

Control and Signal lines

Electronics for computer systems

Safety, alarm and antitheft

Phone and Data transmission


Arco-Cavi products meet the rigorous standards and technical specification of the following main industries:

Power plants & Stations

Refineries, Petrolchemical plant & Off-shore platforms

Extraction, Mining & Iron plants

Robotics & Automation

Railway & Transport Systems

Naval Industry

Airports & Aeronautical Constructions

Building & Road Constructions


Sales channels/segments are several upon the vast array of applications of its product lines. Among them:

Industrial Manufacturing Companies

(automated lines, robots…)

Medical Device Manufacturers

(dental equipment, laboratory devices..)

Specialized Distributors

(cable and electrical supplies)

Real Estate Constructors

(new buildings, revamping existing sites...)

Automotive Players

(vehicles, electrical components...)