Arco-Cavi family products are divided each family has composed by specilized sub-categories that perform in specific applications, ensuring high performance in their industrial or envornmental context.

With 30 years of experience in the market and leading manufacturing techniques, the Company can as well create, within its range, fully tailored cables upon customer specifications and requirements: materials, design, performing features will be combined in the best product for its specific application.

The company produces low voltage cables, with round or flat shape, shielded (in red or tinned copper) or unshielded, within the following cable family categories:

Instrumentation Cable

Arco Climbflex

Hybrid cables designed to be used for power and control of vertical hoists in the construction industry. Suitable to be collected in gravity-fed collector basket.


Arco High Temp

Our range of flexible cables in ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE, SILICONE is suitable for extreme temperatures, low smoke emission, flame resistance and also halogen free applications. This range allows us to offer cables used in the depths of the oceans and in space beyond the atmosphere.


Arco Power

Power cable for industrial and/or residential uses. Suitable to be used indoor and outdoor, even in wet environments; it can be fixed on walls and/or metal structures. Suitable also for laying underground.


Arco Fire

Suitable for the connection between the sensors and the control of fire detection systems, it is cable required when special features such as: fire resistance, reduced emission of opaque smoke, the reduced emission of toxic and corrosive gases and halogen-free.


Arco Instrum

Cables are designed to carry communication and control signals in a variety of installation types, including those found in the petrochemical industry.


Special Application Cable

Arco Bus

Used in home automation systems for buildings, for example in decentralized control of lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, energy management, switches, thermostats, infrared, anemometers. The signals are transmitted via serial interface.


Arco Control

Command and control multicores cables, for fixed installation, mainly used for power supply. They can be used for mobile applications but only if exposed to light mechanical stress and in wet or dry environments. Resistant to the main industrial oils. They avoid fire propagation.


Arco Flex

For electrical power system in constructions and other civil engineering buildings, in order to limit fire and smoke production and spread, in accordance with the CPR. Power and control use outdoor applications, even wet. For fixing outside in free air. It is especially suitable for signals. Special features good resistance to industrial oils and greases. Good behaviour at low temperatures. UV resistant.


Arco Extraflex

Multicore cables for command, control, signal, dynamic installation on drag chain or parts of moving machineries. Suitable for multiple application in wet or dry environments. Resistant to the main industrial oils. UL/CSA version.